Where Did Lipstick Come From?

Published: 16th April 2009
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While the present day lip stick was not here a hundred years ago, people were coloring their lips since civilization began. Nothing has been too precious or noxious to be employed in order to achieve the desired out come.

prehistoric Indian citizens admired the appearance of the colored lip, even to the point of coloring their lips with mashed semi-precious coffee beans. Egyptians accepted the danger of getting very sick by employing a concoction of iodine, kelp and bromine mannite on their lips to attain a purplish-red lip. To get a deep red tint to her mouth, Cleopatra concocted a mixture of beetles and ants. All over the globe, the aim of a brightly dyed lip has been the ambition of many people throughout the ages.

Descriptions of those molded and perfumed stocks are found in the Kitab al-Tasrif, the Arabic 30 volume medical encyclopedia of 1000 C.E. (common era). The inventor of the premier small cosmetic, Abulcasis, is renowned for many more. Abulcasis, the founder of present day surgery is a well known physician, scientist, chemist and cosmetologist. Until the 1500s, Abulcasis's works, translated into Latin, were the basic supply of knowledge for surgeons. The idea that there is a whole chapter dedicated to cosmetics in the 19th volume indicates the significance of cosmetics from the start of the civilized world.

While a lot human beings think adding the best lipstick is only about appearing attractive to fulfill a survival instinct; females use lipstick as a way of boasting self confidence. Even if its not an economic indicator people will hear discussed in the media, there is a theory that sales of lipstick rise during a economic downturn.

Knowledgeable family economists realize the morale boost attained is a great return on the money spent. In spite of the worst parts of recession, most females will treat themselves to a new lipstick. As the market continues its downward path, many cosmetic manufacturers, noting the marked increase in sales after 9/11, focused their 2009 advertising plans on lipstick.

A quick tally shows greater than 65 leading companies offering a wide array of lip products. The stunning lip look achieved by using lip liner with lipstick has caused make-up manufacturers to update the way they produce lip pencils. To get that glossy lip appearance, manufacturers have added oil to promote shine and herb and spice for a pleasant smell.

The ingredients have changed from bugs and crushed coffee beans but that doesn't matter to users. No one really cares what goes into their preferred lipstick. What matters most is how bright and beautiful the lips look.

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